The Center for Balance has taken the complex subject of healthcare and, through our unique ability to simplify it, we created very effective treatments and workshops that address the underlying causes of disease and the multi-dimensional factors that stimulate healing and facilitate restoring harmony and balance in the mind and body.

Good nutrition & hydration are foundational principles of health that we teach patients and students to discover. High quality food and water are the building blocks of a healthy life. You are what you eat!

Healthy thoughts, deep relaxed breathing and rejuvenating sleep are keys to a vital lifestyle that The Center for Balance assists individuals to access.

Movement is life! Exercise need not be overly strenuous or complicated. The Center for Balance tailors appropriate levels and types of exercise for individuals to get the energy flowing.

Our treatment programs are about achieving one’s health goals with a non-stressful, fun approach.

Dr. Cliff Oliver

The Center for Balance

613 Kirkwood Place

La Jolla, California  92037

Phone:  858-272-2333