“Loved the lecture and movement integration. Full of good ideas. Speaker has a great sense of humor. I have walked everyday for 45 years and this course has totally changed and improved my daily walks. I am able to relax when I walk as well as physically walk better.” Dodie Anderson, Nutritionist

“The ‘Walking Workshop’ was well thought out and well presented. Dr. Oliver presented an excellent, practical seminar showing us how to use simple exercises to balance and enhance our physical and energy systems.” Dr. Bill Remsen, DC

“Excellent information. Simple yet profound. Who would have thought anyone could learn so much about walking! Dr. Oliver showed techniques so simple yet so profound. What a difference in my energy levels!” Joyce Barlow, Retired Flight Attendant

“The completeness of the presentation and the integration of balance and mind-body concepts were very useful. Thank you for such a comprehensive and interesting class.” Julie Remsen MS, Nutritionist

Empowered Walking

"With each step you take, you are inscribing your signature in motion. To know how a person will dance, play sports, make love, converse, write, or even think, look very closely at how he or she walks."  George Leonard, President of Esalen

How do you WALK?

Are your toes bent inward? Is your back bent? Is your stomach pushed out? How do you carry your purse/bag? Do you swing your hips? Are you tired, stressed or depressed? With each step are you getting weaker or stronger?

When you attend one of Dr. Clifford Oliver’s Empowered Walking Workshops you will:

  • Learn the dynamics of walking correctly for your body type
  • Understand how to walk efficiently
  • Gain increased energy
  • Improve your outer balance
  • Find your inner balance
  • Discover your way of burning energy
  • Align your breathing with your stride
  • Find your rhythm
  • Increase your vitality
  • Regain your youthfulness

In this workshop you will learn to maximize your walking for:

  1. Increased energy
  2. Better balance
  3. Mind-body integration
  4. Centering and grounding
  5. Exercise
  6. Increased efficiency
  7. Anti-aging
  8. Stronger relationships

“The more you move in rhythm with someone,” Dr. Condon said, “the closer you become with that person.”

Topics covered:

  1. Brain/neural integration. Creating crossing patterns in our gait cycle enhances Neural Plasticity and whole brain body muscle integration for strength. When you have just finished your wonderful yoga session, acupuncture treatment or massage therapy and use the standard movement pattern (SMP) holding a purse, backpack, hand in pocket, or cell phone, you interfere with the effect of the therapy and receive considerably less benefits. Find out what professional sports teams know about movement patterns that you can incorporate into making you and your brain more coordinated and adaptive against the stresses in life.
  2. Muscle contraction and movement patterns for strength and power.  Why do “race walkers” have that rolling hip motion? What have they and Marilyn Monroe discovered about Buns of Steel vs. Saggy Buns of Dough? In Brazil they walk differently because they use the RIGHT muscles. We have adapted a walking pattern as a society that neglects the most powerful muscles of the body and turns them into disuse while over compensating with our back muscles. It is no wonder that the 90+ percent of the population will experience disabling back pain at some point in their lives.
  3. Balance is the hallmark of a coordinated and youthful brain. The success of virtually ALL-athletic pursuits depends on balance. Most people work on technique, strength and endurance but rarely do they work on balance. Balance receptors start to die off by age 30 and beyond. We now know that balance is indicative of cerebellum/brain coordination and that it is being used as a screening test for brain deterioration. Food allergies, especially to GLUTEN, and stress are creating inflammation and rapid aging of the brain and loss of cognition, co-ordination and balance.
  4. Rhythms and Tempo. One of the most neglected facets of walking is the power it has in helping us establish Normal Rhythms in our lives. Humans are rhythmic beings with over 1000 various rhythms that have been studied in our physiology. Some of the most important have to do with our Circadian and Hormonal systems. When they are out of balance there is a tremendous burden placed on our sleep and reproductive cycles. Walking is one of the most powerful ways to re-establish and bring us back into the RHYTHM for health and wellbeing. “The more you move in rhythm with someone,” Dr. Condon said, “the closer you become with that person.”
  5. Acupuncture Meridian Stabilization and Chakra Balancing for Maximum Energetic Efficiency. Very little thought is given to how the breath and gait cycles inter-relate for energetic coordination and power. Qi-gong and martial arts masters (along with a few infamous tennis stars) have known this secret and now we will reveal how to benefit with every step.

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Dr. Oliver will also provide the Empowered Walking workshop at a location of your choice for you and 11 of your friends, and you & a friend may attend free!!