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Fundamental balance systems are dualistic-diphasic of normal physiological processes involving the operation of one or more of the Five Fundamental Balances as the means to maintain homeostasis. The Diphasic Nutrition defines specifically the patterns of metabolic imbalance that exist in a patient, and institutes therapy to restore balance.

The Five Fundamental Balances

  • Water-Electrolyte Balance
  • Anaerobic-Dysaerobic Balance
  • Glucogenic-Ketogenic Balance
  • Sympathetic-Parasympathetic Balance
  • Acid-Alkaline Balance

The five metabolic control systems determine how efficiently each patient's body & mind work. They control energy production; they control the function of the heart and circulation; they control the function of the brain and nervous system; they determine the efficiency of digestion and assimilation of nutrients; they control the chemical balance in the blood and in the cells; they help regulate hormone balance; they help to efficiently eliminate the toxic waste products of metabolism; and, they minimize the degenerative changes associated with the aging process.

These five fundamental metabolic control systems are the engines that drive body and mind. When these engines are working efficiently, one moves through life with strength and vitality. When one or more of these control systems loses efficiency, body and mind cannot perform at their best. When the metabolic imbalance is severe enough or exists for a prolonged time, pathological changes occur and one suffers the symptoms of disease.

The Center for Balance utilizes the Diphasic Nutrition Model to address the metabolic imbalances found in a patient that disables their ability to perform the following essential functions:

  1. Maintain glycemic control
  2. Maintain normal oxidative metabolism
  3. Maintain ideal pH
  4. Maintain ideal concentrations of electrolytes & biologically active water

The goal of the Diphasic Nutrition Model is to restore balance to your metabolic control systems, thus increasing your adaptative capacity. Increasing your over-all adaptative capacity is the only way to assure that you are living to your maximum potential. The result will be:

  • better resistance to disease
  • renewed strength, such that functional and pathological symptoms can be overcome faster
  • more complete tissue repair and regeneration
  • more effective handling of stress
  • a high level of vitality
  • a slowing of the aging process

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