Dr. Cliff Oliver DC

The Center For Balance

Holistic Nutrition: Dining for Life
Feeding the Body, Mind and Spirit©

"You are what you eat..." or are YOU?? 

Attend a one-day course with Dr. Oliver and see food in a whole new perspective.

What is the course about?

  1. Find out about your Personal, Physical and Mental issues that affect the food you eat.
  2. What can eating patterns tell you about yourself and your balance, both physically and mentally?
  3. How can new ways of eating, food habits and behaviors create a dynamic brain and lasting high vitality?

What will I get from the course?

You will have your Body Balance checked:

  • Physically (Do you have any areas that are not functioning well?)
  • Mentally (What is your stress level these days?)
  • Spiritually (Are you on purpose in your life?)

You will get Instruction on how to work on these issues with food as the central theme and tool for transformation.

You will find out what your personal nutrition gives you physically and mentally (what is good about it and what is creating ill health).

You will investigate deeper into your personal relationship to food and how it contributes to your overall stress and well-being.

You will see behind the curtain of how your ways of eating effect:

  • Digestion
  • Assimilation
  • Utilization of food
  • Directly impact the health of the brain and stabilization of moods

You will find the best time to eat in order to get:

  • Maximum metabolic activity
  • Balance the autonomic nervous system (control systems of your body)

You will be given several forms that are useful for you or your community in the future.